Does my daughter not like her baby brother?

I turn away for one second and 'bang'. Here we go again. My one year old boy is flat on his back and screaming after crashing to the floor. His big sister seized her opportunity to stick the boot in, literally, and is looking up at me with her guilt-ridden eyes. I scoop the boy… Continue reading Does my daughter not like her baby brother?


One of those mornings

I've read a few blogs recently about how you can make the morning school run a stress-free operation. I found that on the whole I was already putting into practice much of the advice. But as many of you will no doubt agree there are some mornings where, despite your best efforts, you end up… Continue reading One of those mornings

A Valentine’s Day poem for my wonderful wife

It all began with a passionate kiss, after we'd belted out the words to The Jam's Town Called Malice, We talked and talked, put the world to rights, little did I know this would the greatest of life changing nights, Nearly seven years on we're stronger than ever, and now we've added Cordy and Davie… Continue reading A Valentine’s Day poem for my wonderful wife

Reunited with my sisters after more than a decadeĀ 

It's been a wonderful start to 2017 - life changing in fact. And little do they know it now, these past few weeks will go on to enhance my children's lives for years to come. It all stems from a family reunion I always hoped and believed would happen one day. It's not quite a… Continue reading Reunited with my sisters after more than a decadeĀ