Why police probe into hospital baby deaths is so close to home

Reading that a police probe is under way into the deaths of a number of babies at a hospital would come as a shock to any parent. But when your two children were both born at said hospital, one of whom was cared for by the neonatal unit which is the subject of the investigation,… Continue reading Why police probe into hospital baby deaths is so close to home


Does my daughter not like her baby brother?

I turn away for one second and 'bang'. Here we go again. My one year old boy is flat on his back and screaming after crashing to the floor. His big sister seized her opportunity to stick the boot in, literally, and is looking up at me with her guilt-ridden eyes. I scoop the boy… Continue reading Does my daughter not like her baby brother?

A Valentine’s Day poem for my wonderful wife

It all began with a passionate kiss, after we'd belted out the words to The Jam's Town Called Malice, We talked and talked, put the world to rights, little did I know this would the greatest of life changing nights, Nearly seven years on we're stronger than ever, and now we've added Cordy and Davie… Continue reading A Valentine’s Day poem for my wonderful wife

12 months on since we completed the set

On Saturday my little boy turns one. If he'd gone full term we'd actually be celebrating this milestone next month, but like his big sister he was too impatient to wait around in mum's tummy. In fact, sibling rivalry had already kicked in with my son arriving one day earlier than the girl - four… Continue reading 12 months on since we completed the set

Daddy and daughter bonding at the football

Going the football used to be a relaxing, carefree experience - at least until the match kicked off. Now it requires regular toilet trips, a heavily stocked bag of snacks and a fully charged iPad. But I wouldn't change it for the world. I've been taking my little girl now for just over a year… Continue reading Daddy and daughter bonding at the football

You know you’re a parent when…

Nothing can prepare you for the life changing event that is becoming a parent. I used to hate it when people would say: "When you have your own kids you'll understand." "You patronising bugger" was usually the response swirling around in my head, daring my lips to follow suit. Quick, change the subject. But as… Continue reading You know you’re a parent when…