A Valentine’s Day poem for my wonderful wife

It all began with a passionate kiss, after we’d belted out the words to The Jam’s Town Called Malice,

We talked and talked, put the world to rights, little did I know this would the greatest of life changing nights,

Nearly seven years on we’re stronger than ever, and now we’ve added Cordy and Davie to Gary and Emma,

We got married quickly, we did it our way, watching a music gig together was how we ended our special day,

Some didn’t like it, we couldn’t care less, I’ll never forget how stunning you looked in your dress,

It’s not just a marriage, we’re the best of friends, it means we can tackle life’s journey when we’re on the toughest of bends,

I’ll always be in awe of your strength and desire, when you gave birth, twice, my admiration could never be higher,

You’ve given me the perfect little family, there’s nothing more true, so happy Valentine’s Day Mrs P, I’ll always love you!

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8 thoughts on “A Valentine’s Day poem for my wonderful wife”

  1. Love this and I think it’s great that you’ve captured all of the unique things that are special to the two of you. I bet Mrs StayAtHomeDadOfTwo was thrilled to read this! Hope you both had a great Valentine’s Day. Thanks for sharing with #DreamTeam πŸ™‚

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  2. This is so lovely… not just romantic in the cliched sense but it’s radiating with true love, simple yet everlasting memories and the ultimate symbol of love – your children:)

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